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InnovaCor™ Sets New Standard in Healthcare Cost Management

Minneapolis, Minnesota - July 29th, 2013 – CorCardia Group Inc. saves medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers significant expense in the selling and acquisition of materials and supplies with the launch today of INNOVACOR™, a cloud based supply chain ecosystem. Sustainably reducing healthcare costs while improving the quality of care is a critical challenge to our healthcare system.   Hospitals continue to reexamine  operational and clinical practices in order to identify financially sustainable ways to administer the highest quality outcomes. 

LEAN ACQUISITION™ technology, developed by CorCardia Group through its INNOVACOR™ platform, is a solution to these challenges in the sales and procurement of supplies and medical devices. The ecosystem allows hospitals to aggregate globally, their purchases and provides the opportunity for supply chain to materially reduce operating and supplies expense.  

INNOVACOR™ enables  supplies and medical devices to be easily purchased, costs to be reduced, and the ability to track specific supplies and medical devices to patient outcomes.  Suppliers gain efficiency by supporting a larger customer base and have access to critical real time data.  Payers and insurers can measure quality and outcomes by linking claims and outcome data to clinical and procurement decisions. 

INNOVACOR™ will provide unparalleled data transparency, relative to therapy procurement and utilization to healthcare providers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies and payers. 

The platform will be available to attendees at the Association for Healthcare Resources and Materials Management (AHRMM) conference at San Diego starting Monday, 29 July 2013.



Corcardia™ is a global healthcare information technology company committed to optimizing care, reducing cost and eliminating waste in the healthcare system while advancing the goal of a quality based healthcare environment that is guided by effective clinical, operational, and financial analysis.     

Corcardia™ is based in St. Paul, Minnesota and provides leading edge lean distribution and acquisition technology for healthcare providers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.





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