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InnovaCor™ Compliance Office provides oversight and support for the Business Conduct and Compliance Program (the Program). The Compliance Office works with members, suppliers, and employees to ensure compliance with the Program and all applicable laws and regulations.

The Compliance Officer reports to the full Board of Directors once each quarter.

Monitoring and Auditing

InnovaCor™ has implemented an annual audit plan is developed in consultation with senior management and the Compliance Office, which focuses on InnovaCor's™ compliance with applicable laws and regulations and its adherence to the Program.

The annual audit may be conducted by external or internal parties who review InnovaCor's™ Policies and Procedures, as well as actual practices, and make objective, independent determinations as to the accuracy, efficacy and implications of those Policies and Procedures and practices. A written report of principal findings, conclusions and recommendations shall be provided to the Compliance Office and to the full Board of Directors.