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InnovaCor Healthcare Provider Ecosystem

The InnovaCor™ platform provides value for every facet of the healthcare acquisition and delivery ecosystem.

InnovaCor™ for Administrators

Administrators are tasked with dashboard-level oversight, looking at how every decision impacts other areas of operations and clinical practice. InnovaCor™ provides enough market power to ensure optimal clinical equipment choice, providing access to real data to disparate teams – clinical, value analysis, risk management – that optimizes care, drives performance, reduces direct cost, refines distribution and eliminates waste. It’s the whole picture – brought together by a reliable, secure, easy-to-adopt cloud-based platform. 

InnovaCor™ for Procurement/Value Analysis

There’s much more to supply chain than purchasing power. Transparent performance measurements support streamlined internal distribution and shelf-life monitoring, and achieve first-of-its-kind oversight for how products and devices ultimately perform in use – all through a reliable, secure, easy-to-adopt cloud-based data foundation.

InnovaCor™ for Clinicians

What if you could tie product and therapy data directly to patients to enhance safety and outcomes? This is the back-end of the InnovaCor™ value proposition, but certainly not the least important aspect. This is the opportunity to provide the first meaningful data to clinicians about the product ecosystem surrounding the patient. It’s valuable, meaningful and actionable. At last – technology that reveals the big picture for those that deliver care on the front lines.