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Our Mission

To optimize quality, reduce cost and eliminate waste in healthcare.


About InnovaCor™

InnovaCor™ turns problems and pain points into opportunities. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest healthcare supply chain challenges. Delivering solutions for hospitals, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers with a cloud based supply chain ecosystem that simply works. Pioneering, empowering with real data that optimizes care, reduces cost and eliminates waste. No more dreaming and hoping. Executing. InnovaCor™ is the solution.


Our Founders


Ken Morris, JD is a co-founder and President and CEO of InnovaCor.™  Mr. Morris is a former senior executive at Guidant Corporation and Boston Scientific, two leading medical device manufacturers. He also received the 2010 Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal Minority Business of the Year for his leadership of the Aperçu Group Inc. Mr. Morris had responsibilities for market development and expansion. He created the critically acclaimed Close the Gap initiative designed to improve cardiovascular outcomes for various population groups. This effort led to significant revenue enhancement and customer retention. He also has a broad senior executive background in financial services and information technology. Mr. Morris has served on number boards. He has also had responsibilities for sales, marketing, quality, customer engagement, operations, finance, regulatory, human resources and legal. Mr. Morris is a graduate of the Hamline University School of Law where he achieved honors for writing and speaking while serving as a member of the Hamline Law Review.


Armin Assadi is a co-founder of InnovaCor™ and serves as Vice President of Operations. Mr. Assadi is responsible for developing operational leadership, production, and implementation of advanced technological solutions. His expertise in leadership development has been sought after by some of America’s largest organizations. Mr. Assadi has over a decade of experience in delivering extraordinary operational results through leadership and team development. He is a sought after visionary, motivator, and entrepreneur. His strategic approach to operations, leadership and building effective teams will allow InnovaCor™ to deliver results that exceed customer expectations.


Fawzi Awad, PhD serves as the Vice President of International & Quality. Dr Awad, a co-founder, has primary responsibility for developing InnovaCor's™ international business operations. He is an experienced healthcare professional with 20 years of experience, nationally and internationally in patient safety, quality management, process improvement, and performance improvement. He is a seasoned healthcare executive motivated by challenge and rewarded through the seamless implementation of key corporate initiatives that aid prosperity, productivity and quality. He served as the President and CEO of World Enviro Vision, Inc., a healthcare improvement consultant firm. He also worked as a Director of Total Quality Management Department at a prestigious hospital in Saudi Arabia. He has a BS, Environmental & Public Health; MS, Public Health; and a PhD, Health Service Management, Quality Management.


Sam Awad is Vice President of Sales & Marketing for InnovaCor™. He is responsible for developing and building out the strategic customer partnership model. Mr. Awad will also lead the team of regional marketing executives charged with delivering targeted sales results. As a co-founder he brings extensive sales and marketing experience as the president of Choice Communications. With over 11 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience, he has been a proven asset to numerous organizations such as Sprint/Nextel, Best Buy, Wireless Retail and First Equity Group. Prior to his career in sales and marketing, Sam studied criminal justice and has experience serving with a few law enforcement agencies.


David Knowlen is Vice President Finance for InnovaCor™. As a co-founder, and seasoned finance executive, Mr. Knowlen is responsible for overseeing all matters related to the financial structure and operation of the company. He is also an entrepreneur, having founded more than a half-dozen businesses since 2003. He has focused on designing and implementing financial systems for businesses looking to improve and systematize their operations around their financial functions. He focused on maximizing resources, improving operations, eliminating inefficiencies, and bringing businesses into government compliant operations, helping many businesses achieve the next level of growth.


Michael Von Wald serves as the Vice President of Supply Chain & Logistics for InnovaCor™. Mr. Von Wald is a co-founder of the enterprise with responsibility for the development of an advanced network that uses lean methodology to help hospitals effectively manage inventory. Using his experience, Michael is advancing the mission of InnovaCor™ to redefine the delivery of care while improving quality, reducing cost, and eliminating waste. Michael brings over 8 years of supply chain and logistics experience. Most recently, Michael served as an Account Executive at UPS where he became an expert in supply chain management, logistics, and sales. He has helped bring logistical innovations to small businesses, government agencies, and large corporations, and he is an expert in creating high value, lean, cost effective solutions. His expertise in supply chain and logistics has brought unique and creative solutions that will put InnovaCor™ at the forefront of helping hospitals thrive under increasing cost pressures. Michael is a graduate of Herberger School of Business at Saint Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.