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Welcome to the Open Market

Overview of  InnovaCor™ Benefits

  • One procurement access point
  • Open marketplace – no contract buying required
  • Additional savings with Autofill inventory management
  • Further earned discounts based on purchase volume

Tired of having to deal with multiple vendors and multiple procurement access points? InnovaCor's™ members have access to best in class therapeutic tools from the top manufacturers in the industry through just one procurement access point.  The InnovaCor™ procurement tool offers members ease of use and time and cost savings like never before.



Additionally, we are pleased to be able to offer our members a best in class inventory management solution to bring a tight and automated environment to the hospital inventory management system.  With InnovaCor™, human error is significantly reduced as the need for manual data entry is eliminated.  This advanced system offers incredible visibility to stock levels and item location, as well as prevents the problem of shrinkage.  Also, with the ability to tag any item that is desired within the hospital inventory system, it is 100% scalable, and can be used hospital wide – not just in the cath lab.

Finally, with InnovaCor's™ advanced system in place, our members can also take advantage of an unheard of supply solution in the cath lab today – Auto-fill Inventory.  With visibility into inventory utilization rates and desired stock levels, we are able to anticipate demand and automatically ship product so it will always be there when it is needed.



Lean Acquisition™

InnovaCor™ uses its proprietary supply chain solution, LEAN ACQUISITION™, to provide the following:

  • Superior price protection and effectiveness for hospitals
  • Net margin protection for suppliers and vendors
  • Reduced sales distribution expense for suppliers and vendors 


InnovaCor gives suppliers, vendors and hospital systems an unprecedented 24/7/365 real-time view of product ordering cycles, product utilization, and actual inventory levels for superior control over product expiration. With the ability to track any asset in the hospital and the elimination of the need for manual entry of items, hospital administrators can optimize their inventory system, reduce the cost of inventory management, and eliminate waste.